Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Chat is evolving.. Older days of using messengers are out of fashion now. Most messengers are bulky & come with too many unwanted features. A classic example is yahoo messenger.

Google Talk revolutionised this market. This is one tool that impressed me a lot.. It's simple interface, ease of use, light weight, crystal clear voice chat (even over dial up connections), everything about it seems perfect.

Now, it seems that chat has evolved once more. And yes, it's Google again. Have a look at this: Chat in Gmail.
You can now chat from within the browser. Yahoo had this feature (web chat) for a long time. But if you ever used it, you'll know how paethetic it was. Text chats from within GMail is so cool. Not only is it light weight, simple & easy to use, it's very intuitive. I can vouch that it's going to be as good as GMail itself.

Google is redefining most of the tools. Recently I came across Goobuntu, which is the new OS being developed by Google. It uses Linux kernel & is based on the Ubuntu distribution. I can 't wait for it to be released.